we dare to

dream out loud

Our team

We are creative spirits, architects, lighting designers, video experts, storytellers, operators, technicians, music producers, continuously innovating and challenging our own creativity to design extraordinary ways to bring stories to live. When it comes to imagination, there are no boundaries, it’s everything to us. We dare to dream out loud.

We are an international, award winning live experience design studio with Dutch Roots, creating magic from our Amsterdam based studios. We are at our best when your request reaches us at an early stage. So, feel free to contact us while you are still brainstorming. We are always glad to join in and we promise to bring inspiration and passion to the table.

From there we bring all the ingredients to our studio. We combine that with a creative mindset and technical know-how. It’s then that we are in our zone: the best control systems enable us to visualize and plan every aspect of your show or event down to the smallest detail. And you’re always welcome to join in and be part of that magic.

Cost effectiveness, non-disclosure and ultimate control are guaranteed by our in-house visualization sets, media servers, video-content suite, show control desks, our main control studio and above all a global network of dedicated professionals in the field.

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

Marc Lubberts

Managing Director

Joos van Leeuwen

Music Director / Producer

Serge Patist

Project Director / Light Designer

Bas Knappers

Lighting Designer / Operator

Stefan Peters

Concept Designer / Art Director

Mark van Loenhout

Design Director

Desiree van Giezen

Content Director

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Designer / Project Manager

Rolf Kuipers

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Robbert Lubken

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Boudewijn de Kraaij

Visual Effects Artist / Visual Software Developer

Wouter Boussen

Light Operator

Margriet van Weperen


Robin Wulff


Rik Schoutsen

Techical / Development / Video Manager

Ellis Bakker

Video Editor

Marco Kouwenhoven

Facility Coördinator

Maarten Bokma

Music Producer

Luit Onvlee


Mandy Schaap

Office Manager

Koen Fontein

Project Manager

Yikke Goossens

Studio Manager

Mischa Smit

Visual Effects Artist / 3d Software Specialist

Mick Krikken

VFX Artist / 3d Software Specialist

Renske Wassenaar

Marketing Manager

Ad de Haan