Mischa Smit

Mischa is part of the VFX team and he is specialized in character rigging (he puts the brain in the puppet) and animation.

“Right now I am responsible for modeling direction and content design here at Live Legends. I am interested in creating architectural content. Like I did for the ESC church-style opening video. 

Designing and creating is in my blood. I have an uncle in advertising, I have some painters (artists) in the family, and I am a passionate draftsman myself .
I started with graphic design and switched to moving image. I was influenced by 3D Starwars which was, for my generation, next level. It feels like yesterday that I was on a holiday with my family and my brother and I found a television in the shopwindow somewhere which played a Starwars movie, we were totally stargazed. Totally un aware of my mom who was looking for us.”.

Mischa is a big Pixar and traditional animation fan. He loves a good coffee, made possible by his colleague Robbert. He likes to cook and plays guitar (sometimes the render guitar). “Depends on the weather whether I like something digital or analog, I am kind of a bad weather artist”. 

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