Robbert Lubken

At a young age Robbert was already into designing. This was shown in his love for drawing and technic lego. He developed a passion for computer graphics at the age of 8. When he was 10 he started using Corel Draw Dream 3D and the combination of Drawing and Technics became his life. He knew he wanted to be a 3D Designer. From there on his path to his career started. During. When he finished school he started working as a 3D Designer. He went to the Grafisch lyceum to develop his skills and learned to work on famous Dutch family movies with movie set experience like “Pluk van de Petteflet” and “De Griezelbus”. Robbert became assistent Visual Effects in the commercial field where he got more experience with bigger budgets, short deadlines, TV Broadcast commercials and working in teams with creatives and directors. In 2012 he went to LA to study the future technical aspects of 3D. Robbert became a Technic Director and was making Pipeline improvements and doing a lot of research for upcoming projects.
“Two years ago I started at Live Legends, where I use my post production skills and love for new techniques and integrate them into live events. It is a cross-pollination where we inspire each other to create more comprehensive stories. A project where I am really happy with is On-Stage where I can do more research in Game Development and use my experience to design on a next level. 
In the office I am also known for my barista skills, a day without coffee (and peanut butter) is not a day at all if you ask me. I make a lot of special coffees for my colleagues during the day! Love it. So if you ever come by, just ask for me and I will fix up with one of my specials. I also play guitar when I am waiting for the content to be rendered: The Render Guitar.”. 

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