Stefan Peters

Storyteller, Art Director and one of our bests Designers. Stefan takes designing from scratch literally with a pencil and an empty piece of paper. New adventures are written in the blink of an eye. When it comes to imagination, there are no boundaries. He dares to dream out loud. Is it for real or is it just fantasy? And does that even matter?

“As a kid playing consisted mainly of creating elaborate playsets and worlds for my toys to have adventures in. My mid school report card stated ‘Stefan has a 4 for algebra and 10+ for imagination, too bad imagination is not a career opportunity.’  Well… After several art academies I finally found my purpose at the Design Academy and although even there my fantasy was found too abundant at times I graduated with top marks in 2003. Started to work at a renowned leisure industry build and design company. This led to further developing my skills as a set designer for the world’s top theme park names. 

Falling in love with the feeling that people can actually escape their sorrows and find joy in a world that previously only existed in your mind. Now 15 years later I’ve been running alongside Daan and our creative outbursts  know no boundaries. Where my fantasy was put to a hold earlier now it thrives in video and light animation. Bringing all crazy thoughts to life. For let’s be honest, Clubs and Events are meant for our entertainment. Let’s make them feel that way again.”

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