Daan Oomen

Storyteller, Experiential and Lighting Designer, who operates on the forefront of temporary events, installations and perpetual environments. Together with his fantastic team Daan delivers surprising environments and brings stories to life in compelling experiential designs that engage audiences with their brand across the globe. In a legendary way. 

“I was practically born in a theatre and raised in a classical music household with a father playing for the Dutch Royal Orchestra and one of Hollands top drum and percussion teachers. At the age of five I helped my parents set up their musical instruments and sat next to the stage during the performance, mesmerized by all the beautiful colors of the lighting that struck the scenery in a magical way. By the age of fifteen this hobby had turned into work; helping on stage with the set, props and lighting in the local theatre of my birthplace where I fell in love with telling stories through visual experiences. It has been my job ever since and excelling at what started off a hobby has been a dream come true.”.


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