Club OT Cities Gui Nanning

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Club OT Cities Gui Nanning

Welcome to OT Cities Gui in Nanning!

“Our goal is to bring the rich and beautiful culture of the Zhuang Tribe to the visitors of the club. We do that by mixing traditional cultural elements with modern technology. That’s how we connect the local Millennials and Generation Z with the history of the Guangxi province”. – Daan Oomen, Creative Director Live Legends

The Chinese club scene is running at full speed. Recently Live Legends ‘opened’ the doors of the fourth club on the Asian continent. An evening at OT Cities Gui tells a story which makes a real connection with the visitors. Spectacular shows bring old and new worlds together. The region’s rich cultural heritage was the main source of inspiration. The architecture of the Green City of Nanning and the people, music and nature of the Zhuang Tribe played an important role in designing the show concepts and the club’s interior.

Ideally a day should consist of 8 hours of work or study, 8 hours of rest and sleep and 8 hours of leisure. The ⅓ part which you spend on leisure time should be filled with exciting entertainment. This fits well with the need of young Chinese people to enjoy life to the fullest. Watch the video below and get to know more about the concept and show design.

The team that realised this project

Daan Oomen

Creative Director / Designer

Serge Patist

Project Director / Light Designer

Stefan Peters

Concept Designer / Art Director

Thomas de Vries

Lighting Designer / Project Manager

Jim de Brouwer

Visual Effects Artist

Robbert Lubken

Visual Effects Artist / VR Developer

Wouter Boussen

Light Operator

Mick Krikken

VFX Artist / 3d Software Specialist

Club OT Cities Gui Nanning